Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Windermere

If you are planning a soothing and relaxing holiday that can take you away from the claustrophobic life of a city, then Windermere is the place to watch for. Named after the largest natural lake in England’ Lake Windermere’, the town resides in the arms of this natural beauty.

This small and aesthetically simple town has been attracting many nature lovers since the Victorian era. Windermere is still one of the hot-spots for tourists around the world. Apart from its natural magnificence there are many man made attractions for the tourists like luxury hotels, museums, historic houses, parks and spots for many water sports activities.

Luxury hotels in Windermere are one of the best accommodation options, giving you a chance to relive the classic era with all the convenience of the modern times. There are many five and four star Luxury hotels in Windermere. For those who are planning to spend your next vacations in Windermere, we have listed top five Luxury Windermere hotels to consider. May you make the best choice.

1. Windermere Suites

Among all the other Windermere hotels, the Windermere Suites tops the ranking in visitors’ satisfaction. Wonderfully located near all the worth seeing sites of the town, Windermere Suites offers the best accommodation for a memorable stay. From the moment of stepping in till you stay in the premises, you will feel like being in a new world of comfort and luxury. The suites claim to be a living designer showroom themselves. If you’ve never learned to choose the second best then Windermere Suites is your home in Windermere. Price: A two room luxury suite in Windermere suites will cost you £215 to £235 a night.

2. Wheatlands Lodge

Visitors’ ratings have put Wheatland Lodge on the second position in this list of top Windermere hotels. The building itself holds a unique historical significance. The hotel is only a walking distance from the lake and mountains sights. As much as the exterior is graceful, the interior is comparably warm and delightful. Price: The Price to pay for this luxury Windermere hotel stay will cost you around £68 to £145 per night. It depends on the size and type of room you choose.

3. Broadoaks Luxury Boutique Country House

This is a very traditional styled Broaadoaks Luxury Boutique country House. The hotel carries very warm and traditional outlook merged magnificently with the boutique luxury. It offers fifteen individually designed bedrooms and many other facilities including spas and Jacuzzis. Price: With a choice ranging from standard to superior to deluxe to luxury the hotels price also ranges accordingly. A one night stay in this hotel can cost from £ 90 to£170.

4. The Boundary

On the fourth rank of top hotels in Windermere, resides this Contemporary boutique styles Victorian house The Boundary. A few years back this wonderful five star hotel received a silver award from VisitBritain. The Hotel is an eco friendly paradise with solar panels and sheep’s wool insulation and organics soaps and bath salts. Complete with individually styled bedrooms and private parking The Boundary is one of the top customers rated hotels in Windermere. Price: A luxurious two night stay (minimum stay limit) at this Victorian venue can cost you around a reasonable £120.

5. Storrs Gate House

Located opposite the picturesque landscape of the Lake Windermere, The Storrs Gates House gets it place in the top 5 Windermere hotels. A luxury five star hotel offers a wonderful scenic view outside the room along with many other luxuries inside. Despite all the modern day luxuries the site maintains its traditional period style in its nineteenth century outlook. Price: The minimum stay limit is two nights in Storrs Gates House and it can cost around £80 to £110, depending on your choice of suite.

There are too many sites which you can use to find best deals on Windermere hotels. To search out the best deals available on the internet and see their comparison, log onto You will definitely get the perfect deal for your vacation in Windermere.

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Recognizing the Best Luxury Hotels and Luxury Resorts

If you are very fortunate, you will have experienced the creature comforts of the best luxury hotels or luxury resorts. The criterion for luxury differs from person to person but there are a few elements which are commonly defined as luxury by most people.

The best luxury hotels and resorts are a haven of splendor and comfort. World class hospitality is combined with lavish environments that leave the guest feeling thoroughly spoiled. The stresses of everyday living melt away as the guest reclines in the lap of luxury.

Just like ordinary hotels, the best luxury hotels and resorts will provide all the basic facilities that are needed to lodge visitors. The usual bedroom furniture and bathroom facilities are available. The difference is that luxury accommodation always provides top quality equivalents. Their environments are sumptuous at every level and luxury exists in every dimension of the operation.

The best hotels and resorts have rooms that are the exemplary examples of interior design. Furniture is often especially created with the hotel providing the only examples in existence. Bedding and soft furnishings are regularly silks, linens and wools. Bathroom accessories are usually matching with large towels that are thick and soft and embellished with the hotel logo. Designer fragrances are complimentary in the form of soaps, gels and lotions.

The best luxury hotels and resorts are often the flagship hotels of any country. This makes them very easy to identify and locate. You can find them quite easily on the internet especially if you search through travel or accommodation agencies that specialize in luxury placements. Even if you arrive in a country without having made any prior preparation, you should find it relatively simple to find the best hotels. They are usually the first to be listed at hotel information desks. Otherwise, just ask a taxi drive to take you to the best hotel in the city and you will surely find yourself in a luxury hotel.

At the best luxury hotels, world class service is paramount. You can expect the personal attention befit of royalty. All such hotels are well staffed with a ratio of about one staff member per room or suite. Hotel staff are fully decked in starched uniforms that represent the hotel’s color scheme. Door men wear the traditional top hat and tails and bell boys wear pill box caps. Hotel receptionists look classy and are perfectly made up and beautifully manicured. All staff in the hotel are willing to help and ready with a smile.

The best luxury hotels often occupy the prime real estate in a country. If it is a city hotel it is likely to be close major state buildings and historic sites. All the city’s visitor attractions will be nearby including the major theatre centers like Broadway in New York or the West End in London. The hotel buildings are very often major landmarks or listed buildings themselves.

Luxury resorts are not usually found in towns and cities. They are usually located alongside beaches or other natural assets popular with visitors. Very often they are to be found in areas where there is minimal infrastructure beyond the hotel but the setting is one of outstanding natural beauty. Many of these resorts are created in themselves to attract visitors in areas where there was very little before.

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